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Thank you for taking the epoch to check my info My services are: – Sensual/Erotic massage – Reflexology – Sports smooth therapy, I am originally from Spain.

I am a trained massage therapist with over 8 years of smear experience. License Sports practitioner and Tantra Masseur as well. I used to practice massage therapy in London and now in Euston. I come from a philosophy, concerned gone the body, the mind, and the spirit. Eighty to ninety percent of diseases are put prominence on related. 


My daub combines a incorporation of Therapeutic smear techniques: Deep tissue, Swedish, Reflexology and Reiki as well…



HYGIENIC and clean


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Chris rub London

I am accomplished to approximately eliminate this frightening fact by helping your body to remember what a relaxed, healthy, and pain-free body feels like.

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I purpose to absorb you like my skills.