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Thank you for taking the period to check my info My services are: – Sensual/Erotic massage – Reflexology – Sports daub therapy, I am originally from Spain.

I am a trained smear therapist with beyond 4 years of smear experience. License Sports practitioner and Tantra Masseur as well. I used to practice smooth therapy in London and now in Euston. I come from a philosophy, concerned in the same way as the body, the mind, and the spirit. Eighty to ninety percent of diseases are heighten related. 

How to massage face after facelift

My smooth combines a interest of Therapeutic smear techniques: Deep tissue, Swedish, Reflexology and Tantra as without difficulty as secure sex. Always respecting your boundaries.




Chris smear London

I am able to nearly eliminate this frightening fact by helping your body to remember what a relaxed, healthy, and pain-free body feels like.

Let’s Create your Massage

I purpose to engross you behind my skills. 



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